Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Fun Day/ NOT

My baby boy had a very rough day! We took him to the hospital and they put him under then gave him an IV for who knows what, and then they did the echo. We sat in the waiting room very anxious. He is such a sweetie! I felt so bad when he saw us he immdiately started to cry. He threw up because of the anesthesia, and has felt sick every since. I have to complain a bit, I that the procedure is finished, and it has been for a few hours, but heaven forbid they worry about sharing the results with us. They told us it could be up to 48 hrs. I can't wait that long. It just makes me so angry. The parents have a right to know I think! And I tried believe me but they couldn't tell me anything. Well, thats all for now! I will attach pictures when Brody gets home with the camera!

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The Maw Family said...

Poor baby, I hope all is well. He is in our thoughts and prayers. What crazy medical things our family has. The thing is, they always seem to work out. We love B.