Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bing loves trucks!

Well, I've heard its inborn for boys to love cars trucks planes etc. But i have never and anyone who has ever witnessed Bingham with a car, seen a child so obsessed. He gets a car or really anything and drives it around the entire house. He makes the noises too. Vroom vroom... what a cutie! I cannot tell you how funny it is he does it all the time. We went to the Roy Aquatic Center yesterday and he had a truck in the pool with him. He was crawling and as he got deeper and deeper with it we kept thinking he would turn around. But nope. I had to run and chase him. He just kept swalling the water or whatever he had to do to keep driving. My mom and i were laughing so hard. In church he does it in Relief Society and everyone just laughs! Vroom Vroom!


The Maw Family said...

I know, I honestly don't remember Hudson doing that. I know he did, but i swear not that early. It is so funny.

Jason h said...

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