Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, today I had to bring Bingham to work. I went to put him in his port-a-cirb that i leave at work and oh-my-gosh! there was mouse poop in it everwhere! So, I set him on my chair and cleaned it with clorox wipes then I sprayed it with lysol spray then used the wipes one more time. I could just die! poor baby could get some kind of disease, can you imagine? i am still completely grossed out! I want to take him home so bad!!!but i can't


The Maw Family said...

Why was there mouse poo in it? Did you leave it up at work? Sick that is so gross. I'm glad you saw it.

The Malie's said...

Ew!!! I would totally freak out! Where do you work?