Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh! Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas tree. We went to our usual place to buy a tree this year and the prices doubled. It would cost us $64+ We just couldn't do it. So, we got back in the car and went to another lot. What great place we found. It is on 12th St. and Washington We immediately found our tree, yes a Charlie Brown tree (like every year), but it is what we like. Or at least I like! It was priced at $30 and was at least 9ft. BEAUTIFUL! So, Bingham, having the time of his life, helped Brody carry it to the front to pay. We found out that they only took cash. We only had $17 with us total. So, we said we'd be rt back after we went to an ATM. The guy, full of Christmas Cheer, said oh thats all right i know how it is with a kid and during the Holidays. We were so surprised it was almost half off. We thanked him again and again. Well, we tied it to the top of Brody's car, with the help of Bing it was secure for the ride home. We, got in then headed home. What a fun Family Home Evening. Then I decorated the Christmas tree for the past two days, with the help of Hudson and Bingham. They broke a few ornaments but what else can you expect from silly little boys full of Christmas cheer?

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April said...

Love the pictures. I still can't believe you got it for that price.