Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bingham Updates!

Bingham is a smartie! He can do all of the animal names and a couple of his new tricks include: Whose the smartest boy in the world? "ME" and What does Santa say? "Ho Ho Ho" He is so funny, he loves to wrestle. He will wrap his arms and legs around you and put his whole body wt into it and pull you down. He loves to wear my shoes and get into things he isn't supposed to. For instance, my moms snow globes! I bought him some new Christmas jammies and he looks Prego in them, its funny!


April said...

Those pictures are so cute. Where did you get those cute jammies?

erik&sammy said...

Ha ha, what a little chub! thats so funny, i love the one where he's by the globes, what a sweetie! YAY!

Happy Call-idays said...

I got the jammies and TJ Maxx