Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Book Tag Note...

Well April Tagged me for the book tag.
So, first you grab the nearest book then open to pg 123 and go to the 5th sentence and post the next three sentences.

The book I grabbed was "What to Expect the Toddler Years"

It says: Children need to be allowed to make some mistakes, and to learn from these mistakes. If you make it impossible for your child to get into trouble (stashing away all the knickknacks, for instance), you won't have to say "no" as often but you'll also miss out on important opportunities to teach. Be flexible, leave room for errors your child can learn from, but not when safety is an issue.

So, I'm tagging:
and anyone else!!!

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Dana said...

Amy, I can't believe how big Bingham is!!! He is so cute. Congratulations on the pregnancy! That is so exciting but I'm sorry you have been sick. We are loving Grey. He is the polar opposite of Jett...He is really fussy!