Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fav. Things Tag Baby/Toddler Style

My friend Samantha tagged me to right down my favorite things that I couldn't live without for my baby/toddler. It was hard for me to narrow it down, but here are my top 10...

1. Leap Frogs "Letter Factory" DVD. It teaches the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. Bingham has the alphabet down and know all the sounds, he even know what they look like. Keep in mind Bingham just turned two. He can read a few words too! I definitely recommend it! You can find them at pretty much any place, Walmart, Target, Costco and the Leap Frog Website

2. Sweet Ruby "Binkie Clips". My sister makes these. Can I just tell you, they are awesome, as well as darling! She gave me a bunch when Boen was born. It keeps his Binkies from falling onthe ground when he spits them out. And I have one to go with every outfit. Go to this website to view and order!

3. "Sling from Madeline Grey Designs". I could not do anything without this sling. My cousin owns this company and they specialize in slings. They are so cute and functional. Boen likes to be held all the time, and I have another child to tend to. It keeps Boen comfortable as well as keeping my hands free. To check these out here is her website

4. "Boobie Bibs" made by Miss Holli. This is my mother's version of a nursing cover. This helped me with a lot of my reservations over breastfeeding. I love it. It keeps my hands free with the around the neck strap. There is a pocket in the bottom corner to store things in that is also made of terry cloth to wipe away spit up. The prints are way cute too! Also the best part is the wire in the top for me to view Boen as he is feeding. Ok here is the best part. They are only $25, the best price around! Coming soon to

5. Miss Holli's "Hooded Towel". This towel actually works! It soaks up water like a gem! It has been perfected over the years because I had one as a baby & child & I am almost 26. There are sizes for infants up to s. It is great because it keeps your head warm as well as your body. Go to

6. "Bath Sponge". This is the greatest! First of all I am not a fan of an extra tub to store, clean, and care for in my house. I just use my tub and throw the sponge in. After the bath squeeze out the water and let dry. It allow Boen to be completely covered by water and stay warm. He doesn't slip so my hands are free to wash him. It is only about $5 at Babys R Us. A picture a Boen in his bath sponge is up top!

7. "Baby Einstein" and "Baby Signing Time" DVDs. I credit these DVDs for a lot of Bingham's early development. He loves Baby Einstein any version. He know has known his shapes since he was about 18mo old, he know his animals loves music and not to mention it has given me a half an hour to myself since he was about 5 or 6mo old. Baby Signing Time is wonderful too. It teaches sign language to toddlers. It gave Bingham a way to tell me what he wanted or needed to say before he was able to speak! He still uses some sign language when he talks. For example please, thank you, sorry, ball, baby, and much much more! To view or buy go to and

8. "Wild Animal Baby" books by the National Wildlife Federation. These are the best books ever! They come in the mail once a month and it is the best for Bingham when his mail comes. My little Bingham loves these books more than any other book! They teach children about animals, shapes, matching, sounds animals make, memorization, counting, colors, and much more! He has each book memorized after one time reading it!!! Their website is and when you sign up you get a plate and utensils for your child. P.S. These are great for church and the car!

9. Ties for Tots. Now for those of you who have boys, this is for you! My sister found this blog and bought my boys and hers a tie. They are so darling and inexpensive. Here is the site to view them and possible purchase

10. Sweet Ruby "Blankets". I love tiny baby/toddler blankies! It is the best invention ever. Most children have a baby blanket that they carry around. As s we all know how much our blankie meant to us as a child, well at least I do, I still have mine. Although it has been retired from the bed, it is still in my drawer and will never be thrown away or forgotten. Bingham has a mini blanket that he loves and takes everywhere, which is why it is great to have a mini blankie. They are small so they don't get dragged on the ground, they are less expensive to buy, they are sooo cute, they take up less space, well try them out for yourself! One version is at
I hope this helps those about to have a baby. I could seriously not live without these things!!! I want to tag Candace, Jami, Jaclyn, Brooke, Katie, Michelle, Ang, Haley, Jenny, Skye, Tiff, Lindsey, Lori, Sara, Steph, Amanda, Bre, Heidi, Jackie, Krissie, Megan, and whoever has a baby or child or nieces, nephews or grandkids. We'd all benefit from your input!


Sister Jenny Hansen said...

I am thinking I have alot to learn in the baby secular world

Sammy said...

Dang! I will have to remember to look back here when I have a baby! that is awesome, yes we do have a very talented mom and sister!

Erik and Candace said...

Awesome stuff. I have and love all of that stuff except the ties, of course. I have also never heard of the wildlife books. I am going to look into those. Gracie would love them. Thanks!

Baby Bri Bri said...

hey those pics from kiddie candits are darling. i especially love the pics that the boys are matching. I miss them so much, we will see you soon.