Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Time Fun

NY Yankee

Boen's photo shoot

Bingham kept saying "NICE!" and he says it with an accent.

Boen in pumpkin

Too cute!

Hudson and Boen

We think they look a lot alike!

visiting April in hospital

Fairy Princess Ruby

Grammy's Ward Halloween Party

Bingham and me


Hudson sliding at the corn maze slide!

Although we had a sad few days we have had some fun days too these past couple of weeks. I just wanted to share those pictures with you. Thank you for all your support through these hard times. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Ty and Ber said...

I love the pumpkin picture of Boen even if he isn't happy camping out inside of it. The turtle costume is super cute too.
Looks like you guys have had some fun.
I pray during this time of healing that you all will receive the strength you need!

Amy said...

Such cute pictures! I love Boen's smile in the first one. I'm glad you guys could have some fun during these hard times - especially for April's kids!

Sheena & Nick said...

So cute... gets me excited to have Autumn grow up.. ok not to fast! Love ya

Skye said...

The kids look so cute! Boen doesn't look thrilled about the pumpkin-but what a darling idea : )

Ryan and Heidi said...

What cute pictures! I am so sorry for your sister and her family. We will keep them in our prayers and we hope that they are doing ok.

anne said...

Great pictures to capture all the fun ! You are a great sister, Amy - so glad you were there to help so much and be such awesome support with April and her family. Time will help heal -
LOVE You all ! you have such a precious family !!! was fun to hold and snuggle Boen - he is so CUTE !

April said...

Cutest pictures. Thanks for taking my kids, they needed something fun to do. And thanks for all your help with the funeral it was perfect as something like that could be.

Dave n Bre said...

So fun!! The kiddos look soooo cute!! I love the pictures of Boen the pumpkin!! :o)
Sorry about your sister too! My heart just aches!! So so sorry!!