Sunday, November 30, 2008

A weekend of Thanksgiving...


The Boys Thanksgiving Morning watching the Macy's Day Parade -my wish is to one day go see the parade in person!

The boys at Bolt 3D -Our Thanksgiving Tradition!

Sam and Erik at the Jazz game!

Brody Boen and I at the Jazz game. We had so much fun! Thanks to Brody's work for the great seats!!!

My Brother Jeff making Boen giggle!

The fam at Bolt 3D

My dad (papa) with Rubles

Mom perfecting her homemade rolls!

Grammy and the 25lb turkey! She did a great job it was delicious!!!

My 1st Thanksgiving!

The kids playing in the leaves before we ate!
Bingham having the time of his life!

Me and my Bugga Bug (you can sort of see my shortish hair!)

wrestling with Uncle Erik (or as Bingham says it-Eggik)

The kiddos with their new pillows Grammy (my mom) made for them! They are so cute they are made with Christmas material and say their names! We all have one too! Thanks mom! She also bought build a bears to make at home which was a hit! And she gave us Christmas clocks that sing every hour and Grammy did too! Thanks-who knew we got presents on Thanksgiving?
We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We are so lucky to have two places to go for Thanksgiving every year. How many people can say that? I tell ya, my Mom and Grammy are the best cooks ever! We got to go to Brody's Aunt Debbies also. It was so yummy and I couldn't help but eat more. Bingham and Boen slept the whole time we were their though. Too much excitment! This weekend was a wonderful way to kick off the Holidays!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Sammy said...

Nice pictures! ha ha jk, sure was a fun weekend!

Skye said...

So fun! I can't wait till my brothers and sisters have kids so Kire will have some cousins to play with. And I can't believe how big Boen is already!

Amy said...

such cute pictures! your kids are so cute! it looks like they had so much fun!

Erik and Candace said...

Wow, what a fun weekend. You did so many fun things. That picture of your boys in their matching jammies watching the parade is so cute, I can't believe how big they're getting. That's fun you watched Bolt in 3D, that looks like such a good show. I didn't know you cut your hair, but it looks cute (from what I can see) I bet it feels good. I'm glad you had fun with your family. Holiday season is the best.

Jackie said...

Looks like fun!!! I'm w/you on seeing the Macy's parade in person...we actually set a date this year though so it's kind of set in stone! I love thanksgiving! Fun family moments!

Dave n Bre said...

So fun, I love all of your pics!! I too would love to see the parade in person! I had a chance my senior year to be in it (for a cheer team) and gave it up (3 days)for my Senior trip (week)to New York! So got to go but not for the parade! :o) Looks like you have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!! :o)