Monday, December 22, 2008

Secret Santa, Parties, and Growing.

Secret Santa Gifts
The Call Family
Back Left...Angie preggers with Chesney, Scott, Me holding Boen, Brody, Cassi, Julie holding Brighton, David holding Bingham, Nicole, and Derrik.
Bing opening gift far away from Santa
Boen modeling antlers
Boen requesting gifts from Santa
Brighton Elli
Grandpa David and Boen ringing the bell
Dari (Brody's cute little cousin
Me upstairs with Bingham (watching Santa at a safe distance)
Listening to santa
More listening
Grammy GG giving her lesson
Bingham listening, sort of
Trent and April holding Boen
Boen and me holding the moracca
The kiddos dancing to Jingle Bells Hudson, Bingham, Ruby
GROWING: boen went to the dr last thursday and since his last appt. at 4months he has grown soooo much! he now weighs 16.4lbs (he has gained 2lbs in two weeks he went from 50% to 75%. What? He is off the charts in his height. his head is now in the 80%. Its all because i stopped nursing, i only nurse like once a day and bottle feed the rest. guess my milk wasn't very fatty! he is a little chunk now!!!

PARITES: we had my family party yesterday at my aunt lauri's. it was fun my grammy made a video of herself singing for the kids, they have already watched it twice! she always gives a nice little lesson that is very spiritual. she also gives us tons of gifts! then we had to race back to ogden to brody's family party. we saw santa, which was a very traumatic experience for bingham, but boen liked him. it was funny to see bingham hide from him, then as santa was leaving bingham went up to him with brody and gave him five and told him he wanted trains for christmas!

SECRET SANTA: my blog secret santa gift arrived today. it is really cute and creative. she sent me some really nice things as you could see in the picture! thanks secret santa!


Harris Family said...

I didn't know you stopped nursing? How come? Well I guess that means now you can go to the gym with me. Once the snow stops!!

Sammy said...

Those kids kill me every time! so funny,boen is the cutest baby alive, i just want to squoosh his cheeks! Too cute.