Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Christmas

Cole (Nicole) and Tassi (Cassi) with Bingham

Aunt Cassi helping Boen open his presents!

Boen playing with his new toy

Boen showing of some of his toys!

Boen's first Christmas!

Boen and Bingham in Christmas Eve jammies! And Bing's new chain saw!

Bingham playing with his new train set!

Bingham can catch now!

Showing off his power tools.

Bingham finding what is in his stocking.

Bing can't believe his eyes, now he loves Santa!!!

What a fun and busy holiday season we had! We had so many family parties it was almost overwhelming. We are very blessed to have people that love us, don't get me wrong, I love our family, but I guess I just hit my breaking point! In a matter of 5 days we had 5 family parties. If it was just Brody and me it would have been fine. Tonight and last night we surely paid for it. The boys are very crabby and overly tired! We did have a lot of fun though, seeing cousins and Aunts and Uncles that we haven't seen in a long time. It is always fun to go to the annual Speechly Christmas party to visit with my cousins and there families. We always have a fun time talking and singing and of course eating! Bingham was not too fond of Santa this year but at one of Brody's family parties he had a fun incounter with him. As Santa made his way to the door he spotted Bingham at the top of the stairs peeking down at him. Santa asked Bingham to come talk to him. Bingham did! It was a Christmas Miracle. He went right up to Santa and gave him a high five then told him he wanted a train set. And guess what he got it! Boen had a very fun first Christmas, actually I am not sure he knew the difference from one day to the next, but I like to think he had fun, other than obviously being overwhelming.

I just wanted to add a little side note. This year on Christmas Eve after all was said and done I laid in my be reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. On Mary and how it must have been to give birth in a cold stable to the Son of God. She must have been feeling so scared and so blessed at the same time. I feel a little closer to her this year having having a baby boy of my own. He is such a blessing to me and I cannot find the words to express my love for him. Bingham as well... They are meant to do some wonderful things in their lives, I know this to be true. This puts so much pressure on me as a mother to raise them the best to my ability and I know this is what I have in common with Mary. How greatful I am to my Husband and to my extended family and friends for their love and example, words cannot express my love for you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Erik and Candace said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! It looks like your boys were taken care of by the jolly old guy! I agree, being a mother puts a new realization into some aspects of what and how Mary must have felt. Christmas is such an amazing time to reflect all of our blessings, and being a mother is the best blessing of all! I'm glad you had the Christmas 'spirit', what is Christmas without it!

Sammy said...

I love those pictures, the boys crack me up they are too cute. Looks like Santa did a pretty good job!

The Malie's said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!

anne said...

You are an AWESOME mommy - you will and are prepared to teach and support and guide - you will be fine. Your Christmas looks so fun and the boys were very blessed !! loved reading about Bing and Santa - and now on to the New Year - and what will it bring ? The pics are adorable and capture the moment - I have to agree - I would like a little less chaos !
Love you and Happy New Year !

Dave n Bre said...

You're so cute!! I love your little 'sidenote' about being a Mom! I couldn't agree more! Looks like you had a great Christmas! It's so fun with kiddos!