Sunday, February 1, 2009

Does anyone have a dress form or two or more?

If you have a dress form or more that I could borrow, I'd deeply appreciate it! I would need it for one night, Feb 10 and get it back to you the following day! If you know someone who has one please let them know I need like 15 for my Relief Society Romantic Memories Night. We are displaying our wedding dresses and they look so much better on a model or a dress form! Thanks for your help!


Erik and Candace said...

Sorry Aim, I don't have any, that is such a neat idea though. Hopefully there will be some laying around somewhere. I wonder if you could ask a local sewing or dress store to borrow some?

Skye said...

Thanks for that quote idea, I will have to use it somewhere-it's perfect. I can't believe Boen's so big already! Those pics are so cute.