Monday, March 23, 2009

Naming contest!!!

Okay bloggers, I am now making jewelry and going to sale it on the internet. I am having a sneak peak showing at April's Spring Fling Boutique (more info to come on that). Anyhoo I am making necklaces with names on them and different jewels and beads. They are so darling, I will post pics real soon, but for now I really need help with a name! Now here's the fun part, if I choose your name you get a free charm with a name of your choice on it. So give me as many as you can come up with!


TheReadFam said...

Hey, how is the outfit hunting going?

I'll be in Ut in a week, so lets plan the shoot next thursday or friday. Sound good?

now.... let me think about this name contest...

TheReadFam said...

I like the word trinkets. And something else... hmmm.
trinket lily
bellabing beads
bellabing trinkets

i'll keep thinking

J.lee Hansen said...

Amy's adorning jewels

jaded jewelry

Remember me

Divine delight jewelry

Inspired jewelry

CALLing it perfect jewelry

Shiny star jewelry

Heaven sent

Soft Heart Jewelry

Amy's house of Jewelry

I better get back to art....

April said...

Hmmm, I still think something with Vixon.
Adorning jewels
Jeweled Words
Beaded words
Can't wait.

Jackie said...

How fun! Can't wait to see them! I am horrible w/naming things! Beadiful me
Frosting (frost to loose a guy in 10 days! :) )
Charming charming jewels?
see? I'm not that great! I'm sure you'll come up w/something awesome!

The Malie's said...

I think it would be cute to do something with the boys initials, like:

B & B Jewelry
B & B Custom Creations

Can't wait to see your jewelry!

Jordan Frazier said...

K, i am not totally sure what kind of jewelry it is, but here are some ideas!

Say it simple
simply stated
litte sentiments
sentiments from the {heart}

I do like random names though(like april said Vixon), or things that just mean something to you. I think those kind of names are things people remember!
I am excited to see your stuff!

Jackie said...


Amanda said...

Naming isn't necessarily my strong point but I was thinking about this randomly today and this is what I came up with.
Delicious by Design
And I was thinking that you could have some super cute apple outline as your logo. I wish I could show you what's in my minds eye. :). Anyway, I think its awesome that you're starting this up!
And thanks for telling me about orbit! Jared applied there today. Any lead is a good lead, so thanks!

The Nielsens said...

Don't have a name for you but i'm a fan of "simply stated". Thanks for agreeing with me on the twilight thing. I can't wait to hear from sammy.