Tuesday, March 17, 2009

These are pictures of us at the Everglades airboat ride and alligator show. It was a lot of fun and well worth the drive and money! The kids really enjoyed seeing gators out in the wild, one came right up to the side of the boat while I held Bingham back, it was right next to him and could have bitten his fingers right off! You may have to look close to see the gators in the pics. Then at the gator show the guy was crazy and the boys even got to hold a baby aligator. Boen loved it and put his hand on its head immediately!

The boys posing!

Caught at Everglades Holiday Park!!!

Brody had to have one fresh orange off of the orange tree on the side of the road.

Here we are back in Orlando at Disney downtown, next to the lego statues!


Sammy said...

FUN! I love those legos! how awesome, when we were in CA there were orange fields everywhere! Erik was tempted to go pick one but we were scared we'd get in trouble! I love the pictures of the boys on the air boat thing, SO adorable, they look like they were loving it, thats hilariuos that bing and boen just held the alligator, and it didn't mind!

Amy said...

That is so cool! Those pictures are awesome! I bet Bingham loved it!

Dave n Bre said...

Yeah!! I LOVE all of your pics from your trip! Looks like you guys had soooo much fuN!!! It looks like it was beautiful! So jealous!

Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! How awesome that you guys got to touch a gator!