Sunday, April 5, 2009

My bugga bug!

My little Boen is 8 months! (And has been since the 28th of March) Oops I kept forgetting to post about him.
Boen is such a joy in my life, he is the biggest momma's boy you can imagine. He lets people hold him, but as soon as he sees me all bets are off. He immediately reaches for me, and if you don't give in he will scream! I have so many nick names for this little guy. BoBo, Bugga-Bug, Teeny Tiny (even though he's not anymore, and by most of your standards never was!) Little Baby, little guy, and Brother. He is now crawling. He is into everything!!! He started scooting around about three or four weeks ago then, yesterday he started crawling (completely). My Teeny Tiny is growing up so fast! He holds his own bottle and plays with his toys. He doesn't need me to do it for him, just stay close so he can see me! He also loves baby food. He eats at least two jars a day, I really need to give him three everyday! Boen dances to music, by moving his head forward and backward. He pulls himself up on furniture but can't stay up for long and that is why he has so many bruises on his forhead! He loves his binki and blankie from my sister. He yells to get my attention and then gives me the biggest toothless, yes toothless, grin you have EVER seen! He loves Bingham so much and wants to always do what he is doing. He wears mostly 12mo clothes and some 9month. Wears a size 3 diaper and has the biggest squishiest, chubbiest...cheeks you have ever seen in your life. You can give them a squeeze if you want to, and you know you want to, the next time you see him! The rougher Brody and Bingham are with him the harder he laughs!


Katie said...

He is so cute!!!! I love his eyes! Rockwell just barely cut his bottom teeth last week...Reagan got her first teeth late too. Cute boy!!!

Blake said...

Amy I must say you are so nice to promote my blog! I am ever so glad you enjoy it! I wanted to say thank you so much for your blog since none of the ure/petersen kids have reproduced yet it makes me so happy to see your kids grow up viacrously. I am so lucky to be your friend!

Sammy said...

I love that baby! he is such a stinker, just the cutest thing ever, Erik will just talk about him "boen is such a cutie!" ha ha he's such a squoosh, so sweet.

Amy said...

Oh, he is so cute!!!!!!!!! I love the "Boen Statue!" I had to show it to Carson and he loved it! I can't belive how fast he is growing up - and he is crawling already? So precious!!

Erik and Candace said...

He is so cute Amy. It made me feel special yesterday when he wanted to give me a love. Your boys are so sweet, and where does the time go? Thanks for coming today, and thanks for the necklace. You are so talented. Sorry I bothered you and your fam yesterday.