Sunday, October 11, 2009

I found my ghost!

Well, I started thinking, maybe a ghost really wasn't such a bad thing. After all it hadn't done my family any harm, just a few startling moments, nothing too life altering. Of course my imagination takes off and I think maybe its Patrick Swayze, I could take up pottery, I like to be creative. But no that is wrong, after all I am a married woman!
I was up in my bedroom on Friday making my bed and low and behold the ghost, of course he comes when Brody is at work, he darts out from under my bed. I give the most ear wrenching scream, which of course wakes the baby. A rat! Ahhhhh! Like the size of a small cat! I jump up on my bed, but really all I saw was the tail, it looked wet and slimy almost just as it reached my dresser to squeeze under for safety. Buddy, I am more scared of you than you are of me, I'm thinking! But why oh why couldn't it be a ghost, ghost can't hurt you. They aren't even remotely scary compared to a dirty slimy hairy stinky old rat! I called Brody and told him and he promised to bring home traps. Traps I think, traps can't catch that monster, it will have to be some sort of gas to lay this guy out! So, last night while I was trying to fall asleep I remembered how when I was a little girl I had a wild imagination. I used to catch grasshoppers and sing to them on my Grammy's porch, I imagined they were playing their violin legs along until I had to let them get home to their families, who of course were worried at home. And I thought about the time I caught a squirrl in the cabin at Pine Top. I set a peanuts up the back steps and proped the door open. I dreamed of how jealous everyone would be about my darling new pet that I'd put on a leash and take on walks and he'd sleep in my bed, if only. But when I caught him my Aunt Lauri told me he'd hurt me so I let him go. So, I guess I imagined I had a ghost, it still doesn't explain the HELP ME on the wall or the hidden room, but maybe I have a literate rat that is spoiled and needs his own room that is carpeted!
Early this morning I woke up to some noises, I laid in bed so still, then it happened SNAP! Blood curdling scream, Brody jumps out of bed, but that little stinker got away. I did happen to see its tail again, this time with less imagination, it wasn't a ghost, or a rat at all just a simple mouse. But as it ran under Brody's closet door its tail seemed to flip me off as it had before. So, as of now we don't have our Ghostly mouse, but soon very soon I am certain of this! I'll keep you posted!

So, goodbye dear ghost, and hello to the literate mouse!


Amy said...

He's DEAD! Now I'm really gonna have a ghost for sure!

Michelle M. said...

Ew, a mouse! At least there will be no scary little boys haunting you :)

Kelsie said...

Hahaha you're hilarious! I'm glad you've captured the ghost!!!

Kyle said...

you can always borrow my cat if you want. we had a mouse as well and to make sure they wouldnt stay around we bought the cat.

Samantha said...

Ohhhh ew, ew ew ew ew!!!!! Yeah, a rat is DEFINITELY worse than a ghost!!! We had mice a few years ago, and that was bad enough! I hope you get rid of them all (never just one! GROSS)

Erik and Candace said...

lol, Amy you make me laugh. I'm glad you got him. I don't know what I would do if I saw a rat, let alone in my own home. That wedding cake you made was beautiful, you did such a good job. I hope everything is wonderful in the Call home, especially now that the rat is deceased.

p.s. My girls are sick, so we didn't make it to the Treehouse this morning. Are you going to the Enchanted Forest again this year?