Monday, November 23, 2009

Bingham's room!

This is the next knock off Brody will be doing for their room!

This is not in Bingham's room, it is from the Land of Nod, I fell in love with it, but i'm too cheap to buy it so a few pics below you can see Brody's knock off!

And then, he is making this bed from Pottery Barn for the boys. We are just doing the headboard though, I feel like it keeps the room more open with just a headboard. Boen will be joining Bingham this summer and I wanted them to have matching beds!!! Won't they look cute with there furniture Brody's dad made, and I painted???

Bingham's huge walkin closet, it turns to the left and has oodles of space!

This is the propeller Brody made for Bingham and I thought it'd be cute to hang above the window and have a plane hang from the ceiling!

Bingham's cute Sports Christmas tree that actually stays up year round, without decorations!

We are using this as a headboard until the new one is made. Brody found it in a garbage can behind an old building. There were two, I guess I need to show a better picture of it. I need to figure something else to do with it though, maybe we can put it as a railing on a patio...

Bingham's favorite plane.

And two more hanging from the ceiling!

The knock off!

Don't you just love the dormer windows??? I fell in love with them! It is fun we have his trainset in one and his toybox in the other!

The toy box was used for storage and was Brody's parents, I put new fabric on it and walla a huge toy box!!!

I think this room is the cutest boy room ever, especially when both beds are in with the new headboards and now I just need to find some cute bedding to copy!

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