Saturday, November 28, 2009

The familyroom!

These are pictures of our family room. It sits in the back of our house behind the Formal living room and the kitchen. It is an L-shaped room and it took me months to figure out how to set it up. The couches, the tv, etc...
This is the corner the couches were in at one point. It left the room open, which I liked, but they were too far away from the tv! I thought this table, that Brody's dad built, fit perfectly! And its fun to have for games, crafts and dinner sometimes!

Foosball is the best!!!

This is the console table that Brody built for me, it helped me ultimately choose where to place the couches! And they are perfect now because of this beauty! It is fun to decorate and makes a good storage for the kids toys!

Kids corner.

A view from the entertainment center.

A view from the north end of the room.

And another to show you where the kitchen and formal rooms meet the family room!

A view from the foosball table.

The only gas fireplace in the house, that someone painted over the beautiful brick! I am going to rock over it soon anyway, but i wouldn't have had to if they hadn't painted over it.

And the lovely entertainment center. I have part of my Christmas tree collection up on top!


J.lee Hansen said...

I think this is coming together nicely, I think you should just make a video tour... FOR ME.. I would love that.. or I just should come over

Erik and Candace said...

I absolutely loove your house, and to boot you are such a great decorator. What a great home for your boys to grow up in. Good Job!!

cal said...


April said...

the house look soo good. Now you need to come decorate mine.