Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making a Difference

My baby brother is really truly leaving on his mission. I had the priviledge of taking his pictures last week. And believe me we all take any time we can get with him these days. One week from today he'll be flying on a plane across the world to a very small 3rd world country, or more like 8th world place. I am so excited for him and I am so proud of the decisions he has made. He will love those people. Everyday he will experience a society immersed in a raw physical and spititual survival. Those who have the Gospel of Jesus Christ are so strong. When told a scripture you'd ask, "Do you believe that?" and they'd say, "Yes." Why?" and a chorus of voices would say, "Because of the spirit." What strength, what faith. Jeff is so privledged to be apart of something so great. Satan used to have such a strong hold on this country, he will be a witness to the great changes taking place. My dear friend Brother Opare said,"Patience and a sense of humor, a sense of humor and patience, you are dead in the water in Africa without both!"

I finally got ahold of my dear friend Brother Opare who is a native to Ghana. He is excited to meet Jeff and he told me he'd do what he could to take care of him for me. He even has a place for us to stay when we travel there! Ghana is where my testimony developed to more than I ever new it could. I found Christs love in the people, I felt like they were my long lost sisters and brothers (which they are). I know he will see and feel heartache and I don't blame him. It won't be because of missing his family or friends it will be for the people. I had to remind myself they don't know anything different. They lived in one room tin homes or mud huts. I learned not to feel bad for all that I have, but to take on a strong responsibility because of it. I know Heavenly Father didn't want me to forget about my family in Ghana. I know now I don't have to have much, to give. And so a new chapter opens, Jeff will be serving for two years and I will return with him and my family in the future. God Speed.

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