Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Livingroom

My chandelier I bought from a neighbors wedding reception, isn't it darling? It is hanging in the Entryway I had to but the berry ball up just for the holidays!

This is a work in progress, these are hand me down couches and hopefully in the next few years I can get one like the couch on the post below! But for now these are it and we are greatful for them! I am going to go get new pillow for them. I want the rose pillows from Pier 1! I've had my eye on them for a while now, and I guess that is what I'll have to spend my money on! I added the vinyl behind on the wall, which is a light green wall, it didn't show up to well in the pic. I found that old window in my basement, what do you think of painting it turqoise and distressing it??? the little end table is from the DI and I will be paint that black I think!

This was my great find at the DI a few months back! I love it, I think it looks like a piece of jewelry. I am looking for the right shade though, let me know if you find one!

Don't you just love built ins? that is part of the charm of an old home!

My lovely Christmas Tree. I love my ornaments which mostly came from my Grammy and my mom! It means more to me that way. I have started the same tradition with my kids and when they grow up and move out they can have them to decorate their trees! My Grammy has made some really special ones, the angel at the top, a an angel made from one of her mother's hankerchiefs, another passed down as well! Love them! Also, a pinecone from Pinetop AZ!!!

And our great fireplace, one of three, another charm of an old house!!!


Michelle M. said...

Love it! So fun!

Jordan Frazier said...

i just love it! You have some way cute unique pieces. I love old houses too.