Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Holiday finds!

Knitted headbands, of course! I purchased this one from Ume` on 25th St. last year and it has been my bestest friend. And this year I found a darling mustard colored one at Tai Pan. A must if you want to stay warm and still look stylish!

A scarf for your main man. I am sorry but Brody my Dad Bro in law and Bro are ALL going to have to have one of these for Christmas!!! And no its not feminine, just Sexy!!! Check them out here!

Megaplex theaters sells these beauties! Yes, they do for $12 and you can have $1 refills for the rest of your life, so worth it and who wouldn't want this for Christmas??? I think its perfect for everyone, the only catch is you have to remember to bring it to the movies with you, which might cause a problem with me and my silly brain! Go to your local Megaplex and pick one up!

This is a sample from Stone Mountain Press. It is a new printing business run by the Blodgetts in Ogden, Utah! This is where our Christmas cards are from I'll be showing those in a few days so you can see how darling they turned out! I also had them make some calendars. They have a great website with so many things to choose from, it is easy to use and best of all they have great prices! Check them out here!


Sammy said...

so cute! I love those manly scarves. mmm so sexy indeed! i love your crocheted/knit headbands, so cute. i can't believe you got that one at tai pan! sweet.

April said...

Lovin the guy scarff. Wonder if Trent would sport one? Hmmm
Now I see the mugs, so is that what I really should get you and brody? Hmmmm