Friday, February 5, 2010

See you in Two!

These pictures are of us saying goodbye to Jeff! How fun!
Bingham in his Ghanian get up! The day Jeff was flying to Ghana.

Sammy Erik and Jeff

Amy(me) Jeff and Brody

April Amy Sammy Jeff
The Siblings!

Amy(I'm in my Ghanaian getup!)and missionary Jeff

Bingham and Jeff

Boen and Jeff

Holli Jeff and Brent

McKenna and Jeff

Jeff and Boen

Grammy and Jeff

Mason Jeff McKenna Ethan

To my one and only brother Uncle Jeff Missionary (thats what Bingham calls him.) He's is gonna its been crazy but he has left the US and made it to Ghana after a very hard flight! He left yesterday morning at 8:30AM and arrived 8AM there time. But 2AM our time! I cry when I think of how hard it would be to leave all you've ever known for 2 whole years! But its been done before and i know he will do wonderfully! The next few weeks will be hard because we have no contact with him but once he's out of the Missionary Training Center in Accra we will hopefully here from him once a week via email! I am so jealous that he is there it truly makes my stomach hurt! I am going back and forth on whether its from missing him or missing them (the Ghanaians!) It will be so much fun to here from him and we'll keep you posted on that, literally!!!


Sammy said...

YAY! I can't believe he's finally gone, but in a good way. So exciting, it breaks my heart that he had such a horrible flight. it'll just get easier and easier though...

Erik and Candace said...

He'll be such a good missionary, especially with a family like you behind him. You and Bing look so cute in your Ghanaian gear!!

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh good luck to your brother!! I know he'll do a great job!!

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