Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My brother.

My little brother Jeff is having a really successful mission in Ghana! He has already had a baptism of a family and has another one this coming weekend, if he can make it. He emailed us this past monday and told us he has malaria. So Sad!!! He was getting the meds that night so hopefully they caught it early enough. He didn't tell us too much because he was soooo sick! We are all looking forward to his email next week and hoping he will be on an uphill climb! Keep "little J" in your prayers! To keep up on his mission you can read my parents blog about him here. I will add a picture real soon just as soon as i can find out where I put it!

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Sammy said...

yes poor jeffy. hopefully he's feeling better and the meds have kicked in and he's better. that is the worst. poor guy. I LOVE the picture at the top, bo and bing don't even look like brothers! they crack me up ADORABLE