Monday, April 5, 2010


My guys getting ready for their Easter Egg Hunt Easter morning!
It was pretty cold but actually sunny,
so we headed out to find what the Easter Bunny left.

Boen found an egg almost immediately.
He was quite proud of himself.
He kept shaking the eggs to see if they had candy.

Bingham found one pretty quickly as well.
He would yell out the color and where he found his egg!

This is just before Boen chucked his eggs on the cement!
He wanted to see if they were bouncy!

I think Boen was trying to see if the neighbor had any in his yard.
We couldn't see any, poor old man!

As we were heading in I tried to get one last picture of Bingham's eggs,
but he was too cold and pretty sick of pictures!
He got "awot" (a lot)  though!


Sammy said...

so adorable! I LOVE these pictures too stinking cute. i love binghams shorts with his coat and galoshes. what a cutie pie

April said...

SO CUTE!!! I love Binghams outfit, seriously the best!!!! We filmed the kids but of course I forgot to take photos, I guess you to live here to take pictures for me because i always forget and of course you are great!

Katie said...

Cute pictures!! Looks like a fun egg hunt!!!

anne said...

What fun little boys - - you are so good w/ your photog skills - great at capturing the moment. I love the pics you did of Gray !