Monday, May 24, 2010

Bingham's first talk in Primary

We had an exciting day two Sunday's ago. Bingham got to give a talk in Primary, his first talk as a Sunbeam. He did such a great job. I was a little worried because when we'd practice he'd either whisper or yell and add extra words. He dressed extra nice and let me comb his hair so the girls would think he was cute! When they called on him I walked up to assist him. He stood tall and proud, and without hesitation. Of course my mom and dad had to come down and listen, and Brody is in the primary as well so he had a full audience, not to mention it was talent show day in primary so many other parents were there. Here is the talk he gave:

I was growing from the moment I was born.
(held up a newborn picture of Bingham)

My mom says I grew like a weed my 1st year.
(held up a weed and a picture of him at 1yr.)

I grew out of all my clothes and shoes so fast.
(held up a newborn shoe)

I grew 4inches from 2 to 3yrs.
(held up his 2yr and 3yr. pics)

I am almost 4yrs and not slowing down.

As a Sunbeam I am growing spiritually.
(held up a picture of a Sunbeam)

When I grow bigger I want to be Baptised so I can be like Jesus.
(held up a picture of Jesus' baptism)

Its fun to grow!
(he held up his arms really high!)

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

It was really cute, he got a few laughs and spoke real clearly. The best part is that he didn't make me say it for him or yell into the mic! I had him speak about growing because he is so tall and so smart. His teachers say he is like a sponge. He is 45inches tall and wear's a size 6 in boys. His shoe size is a 12 1/2 or 13. They predict he will be 6' 6" when he is full grown. He loves to draw and learn! So, later he had to show his talent in Primary. He decided to draw for everyone. He stood up to the chalkboard and drew his famous picture, him with a sun flower standing on grass under the sun! I will scan a picture later to show you an example. Its so darling!

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Sammy said...

yes please scan it! oh i want to see it. too bad i missed his talk that sounds darling! what a big cute boy.