Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boys will be Boys!

So, Bingham has this thing about slamming doors.
I tell him 20+ times a day not to slam them
cause someone will get their finger smashed!
And what do you know?
He smashed his finger yesterday.
I have never heard anyone scream like that in pain.
Well, maybe Sammy. haha!
He immediately started bleeding and said,
"There's a hole in me!!!"
It was so sad and funny, Brody rinsed it under cold water.
And Bing said as it was bleeding like crazy,
"There's blood everywhere." very hysterically might I add.
Then as the blood was rinsing off he said,
"My skins coming off!"
It was pretty funny, I'm sure it hurt like HECK, but wow is he drama!
These are pics from today, and he is still pretty much broken up about it.
It looks a lot worse in person, Brody couldn't even look at it this morning.
Boys will be boys!

Boen has a thing for boobies (as he calls them).
(he has chocolate all over his legs, FYI)
And this morning he came into me wearing my bra.
Saying, "Boobies, boobies!"
Yesterday he kept pointing at my boobs, while swimming,
saying, "Miwk, miwk?" (milk, milk)
I'm not sure how he remembers that but he is a true boy!
                                                                              Starting kind of yound though!
                                                                                  Am I alone with this one?


Sammy said...

that is hilarious! Oh boen he's so stinking cute thats too funny. and so funny he remembers milk! ha ha those pictures are too cute. and bing's thumb OUCH!!!!!!! that looks horrible, and your right no one can scream in pain like i can! ha ha

April said...

So dang funny. BOOBIES I can just hear it now. And poor Bing.

Samantha said...

I showed Steve this post, and he says Boen is his hero :D hehehe

Amy said...

Jeff and I cannot believe how much Boen looks like Beckham in those pictures! I hope Bingham feels better soon :)

Ty and Ber said...

Oh, I'm sorry about Bings thumb. That looks painful. Love his comments about it though.
Boen cracks me up. That is funny.

*TayLoRs* said...

Hahaha that is so funny, about boen lol and poor Bing, do you think he'll learn his lesson not to slam em now!? lol

Ashley said...

Oh his poor finger looks so OUCHIE!! Poor little Bing... hope he is feeling ok now! Ty likes bo bo's too!! :) That means we are in big trouble ;) CUTE BOYS YOU HAVE!!

Erik and Candace said...

Bing's finger looks terrible. That is funny he was describing it the whole cleaning up process, lol. I can picture his panicked face. Poor guy. I think I would have been screaming too. Boen is so funny. That is hilarious with him wearing your bra. He was saying Miwk at the pool, haha. One smart boy. My girls are very curious about Erik, lol. It must be an opposite sex thing.

moellendorf family said...

thats so funny, your kids are so cute