Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My baby is 2 in the morning!

I don't want to except the fact that my baby is turning 2 in the morning! He is still so small, haha not really he is actually quite large for his age! But smaller than Bingham so that makes him small to me. A little about him, he was born July 28th 2008 at 5:08PM weighing in at 8lbs 8ozs and 21inches long! I had via C-section, this time it went quite smoothly. I was terrified but it wasn't bad in the end. He was such a little sweety immediately! Boen didn't have a name immediately, but I think we knew it was Boen, even though I called him baby for like two months! He had lots of dark hair and was so chunky! He looked just like Brody so that was fun, since Bingham looked just like me! he was such a good baby, well other than he cried all the time because he just wanted to eat, but can you blame him? Who doesn't want to eat all the time? Haha! I love my little Boen. He is now starting to count, he can get to 3 but we are working on 10. He loves to dance, sing and play anything with Bingham. He loves to yell You Bad and Bingham! Boen is a great sleeper, he sleeps 13+hrs per night and 3-5hrs during the day! Yes, he is wonderful! He loves his milk and his Binky blankie. I don't know how I will ever get that from him, the blankie is fine but the binkie has to go! He loves balls, trucks, trains, candy, and helping me with anything! I love my little bugga bug and soon I will report on his ht and wt when I get him in for his 2yr check up! Happy Birthday my baby boy!!!


Katie said...

Happy birthday Boen!! Time sure flies, huh?!? He's such a cute little boy!! I think I need you to share your sleeping secrets with me. How on earth do you get him to sleep that much?!? I thought Rockwell was good with 10-11 hours at night, but 13+??? Amazing..and lucky!!!!

Sammy said...

happy bday boen! oh he's the sweetest thing ever, and even with 2 new babes in the family he's still a little baby to me! oh he's so stinking cute, such a sweetheart and the happiest little guy ever, we just love him! sorry we couldn't stay for the party, hope it goes great!

The Nielsens said...

Happy Birthday Boen! Guess what? I work with that nurse! I am working with her today and she said that she totally remembers you guys. She was a student that day and now she is a nurse working on my unit. What a coincidence!