Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boen's Birthday (2yrs old)

Boen's 2nd birthday started out with a Pillow Pet
or what is better than a pillow pet!
I found it at Costco and it was cheaper and much cooler than a PP
which they both wanted so badly!

Boen kissing his Pillow Pet Sleeping Bag Puppy!

This was his reaction to every present he opened!
Whether is was a toy or even clothes!

Boen taking a pretend bite out of his fake pepper!

Boen's toy Thomas that is the cutest EVER!
It follows his around the house and talks to him!
In this picture he is making the train toot toot noise,
hense the lips!

Opening Chuck the Talking Truck!

At the pizza factory with his cousins and grandparents on both sides!
He is showing off his Woody and Bingham got Buzz for his bday so it was perfect!

Boen with is darling Holli cake my mother made!
He loves balls of all kinds so that is what he chose!

Just before he blew out his candles!
it was the cutest thing ever he'd blow like 20
little blows to get them out!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy Boen!!!
His 2yr pics coming soon...


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Cutest thing ever!! Can't believe he is 2 already!! Time has really kicked my butt & moved too quickly!! I am glad to hear there are pillow pets at Costco, that is ALL I ever hear about, is how much Sotera wants one, and every time the commercial comes on, I just hear the whining for one all day!!!

Your cute family just keeps getting cuter, good work!!

Katie said...

Oh, he is just so cute!! All those pictures of him made me smile! Such a darling little boy!!! Looks like he had a very fun birthday.

April said...

He seriously is the cutest little boy ever! I loved his face with his cake and presents. Oh love him!

Sammy said...

oh my gosh he is so stinknig cute! I'm sad we didn't go to the pizza factory for his party i was just anxious and ready to go home after a long day! looks like it was a blast! he's so darling, oh i just love him so much those pictures crack me up he is the happiest kid ever i swear. his face is priceless!!! so photo ready like joye says ha ha.

chels and spence said...

oh my goodness! Bo is a doll! i love him!