Friday, September 17, 2010

Boen's 2!!! Long over due!

Boen turned 2yrs old on July 28th, 2010! He is such a joy in my life! This boy can sleep! He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up around 8am. Then takes a nap from around noon to 5pm daily! I couldn't ask for more! I am a little worried though, I will be taking his binky "B" from him next week. I think he'll hate me forever once I do this. At least he can keep the blankie! And after he is good with that for about a month I am going to move him into Bingham's room, pictures to come! Boen can count to 13, and sing his ABC's. He sings, "A B C's, A B C's!" That is about it on that song. He love to play ball, all kinds! He loves Mickey Mouse Club House and that is the only show he'll sit through! Boen loves to dance and sing. He loves to copy Bingham at everything! He loves to swim and jump into the pool, especially when nobody is around! He is such a sweet spirit, except for at church. He doesn't like nursery at all and is now just barely getting through most of it. He is inches tall in the % and lbs in the %. ( I will fill that in later as soon as I can find my paper). Boen you are such a joy in my life and that of your daddy's and big brothers! You are going to make such a great big brother as well! We love you so much Bugga Bug! To see the rest of Boen's 2yr. photo shoot head over to

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