Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bebe's bedroom

We have decided to paint the babies room a light gray to go with her bedding! Pictures of that coming soon! I chose a wallpaper for one wall and to my dismay it is no longer available and nothing like it. I am seriously so sad about it, but finally came up with a cheaper alternative! We have decided on stenciling her wall to look like wallpaper. I need your help on choosing so here are your choices, some are in color but you need to picture each of them in a light gray background and an off-white print.




Remember gray background with off white print for each! And #2 is the closest to the wallpaper I could find! Please vote quickly because I want to order it by Saturday! Thanks for your input! xxoo

As a side note I'm doing about the same, I'm dilated to 1cm as of last week. I go on the 14th for my next check up. I'm on two different meds to slow contractions and on as much bedrest as possible, thanks to my wonderful neighbors and family for all of the help, love, and support!


Sammy said...

glad to hear you are doing well, hopefully i'll get to come see ya on saturday if not, not until the grammy party! LOVEthe stencils... my fave is 2 or 5

Anonymous said...

I LOVE #4!

Luke and Erin said...

Love 4 and 2!!!

keep her in a bit longer!!! good luck :)

Jaclyn King said...

I love #1 and #4. They are to die for!!!! Hope you are doing good. Wish I lived by you, I would take your kiddo anytime.

Travis and Meghan said...

I love #4!!