Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By the end of the summer...

I want to have an office/craft room that looks like this in my basement.

I want to have a bathroom next to the office that looks like this!

I want to braid my hair like this a few times!

I want this furniture for my covered porch from Pier 1!

I want to own this dress from Shabby Apple and look like her in it!

I want my kitchen shelf to have a photo display similar to this!

 I want to string mason jars just like this! I love this style!

build a playroom from Paisli's room into the hidden room in our house!

I want to have this skirt from Shabby Apple!

I want this swimsuit from Shabby Apple!

I want to find an old end table from the DI or a yardsale and make this for Boen's birthday!

I want to make some curtains like these for Bingham and Boen's room!

I want to be able to run a few miles without dying! And without having c/s pain!

get back to Disneyland, because Boen asks me everyday
when I am getting him dressed, " Where are we going, Disneyland?"

and spend some time in California at the beach!


*Laura* said...

Ahh i love your cute style!!!! So adorable :)

Sammy said...

those clothes are so cute! I love shabby apple, a bit pricey for me but so darling! i love all that decor, so cute and simple!

April said...

I love all of that. I have that photo wall display saved on my pinterest account. I love it!
And I too want to go to disney land, maybe next year. Ruby talks about it daily too.

J.lee Hansen said...

So which one is first on your list? and which one is most important....it will happen....one thing at a time...

put the important ones first. and take photos of the progress!

Aubrey said...

I love the stuff you love~ house of smiths is such a fun blog for home inspiration. Do you ever look at centsationalgirl.com? They do a best of the blogosphere compilation every weekend. I've been dying to paint and rework my house...I just can't decide where to begin! Post lots of pics of your own before and afters- looks like so much fun!