Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How much money I spent on decorating my Livingroom

  • the shutters on the mantle were found  in an old barn-$0
  • we got the candle sticks on the mantle from our wedding-$0
  • the mirror is from the DI for $4
  • we painted the room a pale green about $30
  • put up a new fireplace screen that we brought from our old house $24
  • flowers Tai Pan clearance $12
  • silver candlestick clearance at Tuesday Morning (it was broken) $3
  • sea shell ball TJMaxx $4

  • coffee table, found on side of road and painted it white and reused the handles $0
  • rug bought at Tuesday Morning 6yrs ago $80
  • books from my Grandma $0
  • plant from Costco $12

  • Door-my father-in-law found it in an old barn (we didn't even have to paint it) $0
  • wreath Target $12 clearance
  • old window frame we found in our basement $0
  • plant-Costco $12
  • candle and thing its in given to us from Brody's grandma $0
  • old ammo box (the green one) found on side of road $0
  • chair-Pier 1 $80 (I had points saved up)
  • green pillow-Pier 1 clearance (zipper is broken) $12

  • the window frame around the large pics is from our basement as well-$0
  • I took the pics and blue them up at costco for $5 each
  • the gorgeous lamp I found at the DI $4
  • the globe is from the DI $2
  • teh books are from my Grandma and pa $0
  • Brody made me that table not sure how much he spent
  • the wall vinyls are from Joannes $6

a view from one side

a view from the other side

  • couch-hand me down from Brody's grandparents $0
  • pillows from Pier 1 and my sister made the little one $16

  • flag on door-from TJMaxx $2
  • frame-my mom bought for my wedding $0
  • old window-father in law found-$0
  • vintage fire extinguisher-found in oldhouse-$0
  • rug TJMaxx $6

  • table and chairs-DI-$30 didn't even have to paint, just cleaned and bought new pads-$15
  • mini crystal lamp-DI-$3
  • little candle holder-from Grandma-$0 
  • Daisy chair Brody gave to me for my bday $220
  • pillow on sale at Pier 1, had a rip in it $16
  • tree-Tai Pan-$25
  • frame-DI-$2
  • picture I took and blue up for $3

  • books from my Grandparent's library $0
  • and what I have read and collected over the years $?
  • picture of Christ-gift from Brody's parents-$0


Ben and Camille said...

Awesome! That's amazing!

Sammy said...

Whatever! I say whatever to all the "side of the road and old house and barn" finds! maybe some but all of those! sheesh, but i do love your house its so cute and homey! love it

Sammy said...

guess i shouldve said i was being sarcastic! but seriously, hook a sister up!

April said...

wow had no idea most of that stuff was free or under $10. awesome! hook me up too!! so cute! love your style, come help my house. My wall still has primer on it.

Anonymous said...

blue-a color
blew-simple past tense of blow
sale-the act of selling
sell-to offer something for sale.