Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paisli 9months

Paisli May at 9months
Paisli is growing up so fast! I am sad, but she is still small and so sweet! She is such a joy to have in our wild house of boys! I have such a great time dressing her and curling the little hair she has. And yes, she is getting some strawberry blonde hair, it is beautiful! She started crawling a couple of weeks ago and gets faster each day. I forgot how hard it is to have a crawler. She loves to follow me around and my house wasn't designed for babies! I had to ban the legos and other small toys and now need to get some gates up with all of the stairs. I have to vacuum like 10 times a day. She is babbling like crazy and won't let me leave her sight. She sleeps from 7-8am waking only for a bottle at 5:30am. She is getting better at eating baby food. Paisli went to the Dr. for her 9mo check up and is doing really well. She hasn't gained any weight, and we have to get her back in this upcoming week for her follow up liver function test. But other than that she is fantastic!
Her length is 28in 70%
Her weight is 17.4lbs 20%
Her head is 40.8cm 95%
Big head just like the boys!!! Thanks goodness for c-sections! We are having so much fun shopping for her Christmas and birthday gifts, it is so fun shopping in the pink isles! Love you baby cakes!!!

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