Thursday, January 12, 2012

Missy moo has a birthday coming up real soon, so we decided to have a little photoshoot for her bday party invites!

The party theme is "Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice!"

It definitely fits her personality, so sweet but so sassy! Sugar and Spice!

So we tried to throw a lollipop into the mix for the "Sugar" and her outfit is the "spice"!

I know, shocker I gave her a lollipop before she turned 1yr old. I wouldn't usually do that, but it was for her invite! I took it away right after, haha!

It started to get messy anyways!

I'm obsessed with this picture, it shows her beautiful lips and just an angle you don't usually get to see. It will be blown up and put on the wall!

Her top tooth still hasn't pushed through. She sucks on everything, including her fingers!

This is her reaction to peek-a-boo! I love it, she has the funnest personality! "spice"

faker, she is just playing like she is scared for my sake!

I needed a picture of her darling hands, while we were playing patty cake! and I also got a shot of her outie! She has a hernia and it makes her button stick out!

Notice those little teefers?

Trying to "roll it"

Saying "Yeah!" after patty cake!

She always tickles her belly when her shirt is off! haha!

I am loving her hair! It is coming in like crazy and is the most beautiful color ever!!!

I may have to frame this one as well!

her little tootsies! size 2 1/2 almost 3! Just minis!

Mom, I'm finished with this photoshoot,

...whether you are or not!

I love how she crawls everywhere, even up our stairs and is trying to walk bit by bit!
I will post her invite next!


Erik and Candace said...

I looked at these on your Facebook. They are so adorable. I can't believe how red her hair is, I love it. I always wanted blue eyes with my red hair, lucky girl! I can't believe she is almost one!

Skye said...

She is sooo beautiful!