Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kiddie Favorites!

About once a year I love to share my favorite things for my kids! I will share a few for each age group!

We'll start with the Leapster Explorer. That has been great for Bingham and now for Boen. It has literally taught Bingham to read (like full on read), spell, add, subtract, and problem solve! It is great, cause he thinks he's playing a game and doesn't realize its teaching him at the same time.

And this is our new favorite game on the Leapster. I bought it because it was $7 before Christmas. Well, I was happily surprised with a great game! It is still hard for him, and Brody and I both have to help him problem solve! Great for the whole family!                    

Bingham and Boen have had these shoes in the past and now each have a new pair. They look like my favorite shoes, Sanuks. But they are just a knock off! You buy them at The Childrens Place, and with a coupon you can get them for $10. I love them and so does he!

These babies have saved my little Boen's life. He weighed 38lbs at his 3yr check up. I had the HARDEST time training him. He had chronic diarrhea. He just couldn't get to the toilet in time. He started to lack in many other areas. My pediatrician suggested that he try this PediaSure. Well, when I saw the cost I didn't do it right away. He doesn't it well, and so when I weighed him when he was almost 3 1/2, he had lost 2lbs. I was worried. I immediately bought these puppies at Costco to save a little money, by buying in bulk! Well, guess what? They worked. He is now back up to 38lbs. And is on a regular potty schedule. He is happier, and healthier. He gets one every morning and I can rest assure that he is getting the vitamins he needs, and doesn't have diarrhea anymore! It is way worth the price, promise! And he is completely potty trained!

I love SeeKaiRun shoes! They are so darling and they have some for each stage. Pre walkers up to runners. Right now they have lots on sale at their website! Paisli loves them, they actually stay on and offer the best support! And omg the boys styles are to die for!!!        

Minky Couture Blankets are another one of our favorites around here! They have so many different options, on sizes, colors, styles, prices etc... My boys each have one that they designed themselves. Paisli my has 4 that she alternates between. I have two! This is a picture of the one I have on the end of my bed. They are so warm and soft and you cannot find anything like it out there for this price! Go check out Minky Couture and like them on facebook to get all the great deals. Or book a party with me and get a free blanket!

Of course you have to have your Binkie Blankie with little babies. They are so small and perfect to cuddle with. They have so many different colors and they have a ribbon that you can attach to your stroller, carseat, bed, so it doesn't touch the ground. We loved ours in Disneyland, and of course when we are shopping. You can also attach a binkie to the blanket, which with keep the binkie from falling to the ground and you from losing it!                                                                   

This, my friends, is a Holli Cake. They are the Cutest cakes and not to mention, best tasting cakes around. My kids have had one for each and every birthday and I have too! My mom sales them, so if you'd like one for your next party send her an email and she'd be happy to make of for you I'm sure! Just take a picture of what you'd like and she really can make just about anything!

Last but not least, Up and Up baby food pouches. They are the best baby food around. They are yummy, and so convenient for a mom on the go. And once your baby is to the feed themself stage, they are wonderful. Just open up the top and they squeeze it into their own mouth! Most grocery stores carry these, but not this brand. Just Target and the price is unbeatable. Everywhere else they are about $1.25, but at this brand at Target is $89 normally, and with a coupon you can get them for as low as $64. If you can get it at that price buy them all! haha! Seriously wonderful while shopping. I just squeeze a little in Paisli's mouth and she stays clean and healthy! Sorry the pic is so small! Oh yah, and i love the different flavor combos!            
There are a few of our favorites right now, more to come!

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