Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeff's homecoming.

Paisli May waiting to meet her Uncle Jeff for the first time in her African skirt.

Violet and Finn hugging!

The three babies that were born while Jeff was on his Mission!

Hudson Ruby and Bingham cannot wait to see Jeff!

And Boen is very excited, as you can see. He has the African outfit I had made when I was in Ghana, years ago! I am so happy it fit him! Boen was only 18months old when Jeff left. Now 3 1/2yrs!

GG and Paisli

Mom and Dad!

They were so excited to see him!

My little family!

Maw family!

Violet, Sammy and GG. Erik couldn't be here!

Violet and Sammy

Two of the fab 5! Izzy and Ben!

Its getting pretty intense waiting!

Ahhhhh! there he is! We were all freaking out!

He is so cute!

I bet he was embarrassed by our loud yells!

Mom couldn't take it any longer!

I still cry at this picture. Its my dad on the left side that gets me every time! *sniff*

I'm sad this picture was blurry, but it kind of gives it a spiritual effect I guess!

Paisli meeting Jeff for the first time!

Izzy and Jeff meet again!


Finn went in for a kiss!

the proud parents with their boy home at last!

The siblings!

This is his second pair of shoes from the mission...

So glad to have Jeff home! We sure missed him, all of the family parties and just even sunday dinners were different with him away! I am so proud of him and love our special connection that we share in Ghana, Africa. He is so much the same, but has a new and improved wonderful spirit about him! I have a video of hte day that I will be posting as soon as I can figure it out!

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