Monday, April 2, 2012

Paisli's Chicks Pics

Paisli loves her chick!

I bought her dress and a matching yellow rain coat, both from TJMaxx. It is so darling.

Then I bought her these yellow shoes to match at SeeKaiRun

My friend made her headband, Whimsical Headbands!

I bought the eggs at Tai Pan.
Her Easter basket from Down East (pottery barn)

Miss Paisli is now 14months. She can walk, but chooses not to.
She will walk mostly to her cousin, Hudson.

She has 5 teeth. Her 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth.

She screeches and squeals, and is a sassy gal!
But we can't get enough of her!

She has red/brown/blond hair that is wild and curly! But it gets very fuzzy when she sleeps or sits in her car seat. She still has a bottle since that is her top form of nourishment.

She still thinks all animals are dogs and bark. She makes the cutest little kisses face when you say dog. She is starting to peep like a chicky or bird, if we encourage her.

Ready to eat some Chicken!
Don't worry, no animals were harmed in this photo shoot.

Paisli has beautiful big blue eyes! Rosy cheeks, and pink full lips!
She is tall and thin, but has a bit of chub on her thighs, that we love!

She has the most wild personality! She is so fun and funny!
She says Mama and calls Brody Ma!
She says Bobo for Boen and B for Bing.
She gives high fives, and loves to dance, by shaking her booty and shrugging her shoulders.

She loves to were jewelry, and loves to pull out her headbands and bows!

Paisli is a kisser and hugger. She won't snuggle though!

My little beauty at 14months!


April said...

oh my gosh I love her. so dang cute and funny. can't believe she was about to eat that chick. too funny! I love that she loves Hudson and so does he.

Sammy said...

lol oh my heck! she was going to eat that duckie! that is so dang cute and hilarious. she is so darling and getting so big! I miss her so much! she has the prettiest eyes and lips, oh so sweet. i wish we were there so you could take vi's pictures! And that is so cute that she will walk to huddy, so sweet

Skye said...

She is so darling!