Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Angels

Bingham is really loving baseball right now. He is in coach pitch and loves that Brody is his coach. This year they are all still rotating positions learning what they are best at and what they like. He usually likes short stop, but we'll see what he excells at. He loves to hit the ball. Usually the first time around he hits the ball and by the third time up to bat he gets lazy and has to use the tea!

Our team is the Angels, which is fun, we hope to go to a game this year while in California.

Such a fun group, Bingham is the youngest on the team at age 5 and half the team is 7! So, hopefully he'll get some experience playing up!

My serious baseball player!

Boen is sooo ready to join the team!

Paisli getting into my purse during the game!

Get a picture of me mama!


Such cute boys!


Sammy said...

pais looks SO CUTE in that picture! ohmy gosh she's so big! Love it, girls so funny! bingham is so grown up, darling pictures! I remember baseball when we were little, so fun

Harris Family said...

what a busy summer your off too...miss you guys! your kids are getting so grown up