Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hiking in St. George of Spring Break

Bingham is our little mountain goat.

it took him the entire hike to eat his orange slice!

Brody hiking around with Paisli in her new pack!

Oh poor PaPa needed a break!

My mom and Jeff

Boen could hike all day.

My mama and me!

Jeff is getting some sun!

She couldn't quite figure out what we were doing up here!

headed out exploring this new adventure!

she had to stop for a quick pose!

Grammy and Paisli

Papa and Boen

I decided to take Pais around for a bit

Jeff beating up Bingham

My mischievous boys!

The boys climbing up inside of the rocks, Brody didn't make it too far with Paisli!

Jeff posing!

Papa found a cave for the boys to hide in!

My mom and dad!

My mom still laughs at him!

Brods peeking out over the edge!

Coming back down!

Bingham peeking through hole in the rock.

Boen too!

And Miss Paisli didn't want any of it!

Playing with Grammy at the sand dunes!

Paisli, figuring out the sand.

Not right, Paisli, you aren't supposed to put it in your face!

Widdo Stinka!
We had a great time hiking, but after the sand we need a dip in the pool!

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