Monday, June 4, 2012

Primary Talks 2012

My boys volunteer way too much for talks in Primary, we have done it four times this year, already! haha! Its fine, but I thought I'd right them down on the blog to remember or if anyone else gets in a bind and wants to use them. I am also going to throw in Bingham's first talk from two years ago, since I came across it today. We'll start it that one:
Bingham's 1st Primary Talk
I was growing from the moment I was born.
(he held up his newborn pic)
My mom says I grew like a weed my 1st year.
(he held up a weed)
I grew out of all my clothes and shoes so fast.
(he held up his baby shoes)
I grew 4inches from 2-3 years old.
(he held up a ruler)
I am almost 4yrs and not slowing down.
(held up *4* fingers)
As a Sunbeam I am growing spiritually.
(he held up a picture of a sun)
When I grow bigger I want to be Baptised so I can be like Jesus.
(he held up a picture of Jesus)
Its fun to grow!
(he held up his arm in the air with a fist as he said it)

As a little background on that talk, Bingham is beyond tall for his age. He is one of the youngest in his school grade and towers over the kids a year older even. I wanted to tie it into his life and what he knew. He gave his input and helped me decided what to hold up. I also try and get there early before church starts, just on their first talk, so they can do a run through with the mic. We also read it over for about a week. 

This is Boen's 1st Primary talk ever and the first one for the year:

Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right
(to the tune of Follow the Prophets)
Thomas Monson is out Prophet,
he says to choose the right.
(held up a pic of Pres. Monson)
So we can be happy,
he guides us to the light.
(he held up a flashlight)
He tells us all his stories,
reminds us to be good.
(he held up a book)
And follow the Commandments,
just like we should.
(I made some 10 commandments out of paper)
Sometimes it's real hard to be very nice,
I have to say, I'm sorry, sometimes even twice.
(he held up two fingers)
But each year I get bigger,
I learn a little more.
(he held his finger to the side of his head)
I'm 3yrs old and growing,
I'll be better when I'm 4!
(held up 4 fingers)

This was a fitting talk for Boen as well. He loves to get into mischief! I was so proud of him for getting up to the mic and speaking so clear. We got a few laughs and it didn't get him going either! He did that talk earlier this year right after becoming a Sunbeam so we kept it short and sweet!

This was the first one Bingham did this year (1/19/12):

Agency is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves
I try to choose the right. Sometimes my little brother hurts me. 
I have a choice, to hurt him back or hug him and try to be nice. 
(held up a smiley face) 
I get to choose healthy food or treats. 
I mostly choose healthy. 
(held up an apple) 
When I am 19yrs. old I get to choose to serve a mission like my Uncle Jeff, or not.
(held up a pic of Uncle Jeff on his Mission in Africa)
 He is a good example to me, so I will want to go on a mission too. 
If I use my Agency to choose the right, 
I will live with Heavenly Father and Jesus, 
NOT ( as he pointed down and held up a frowny face)

Here is Bingham's 2nd one he did this year, about a month ago:

Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right
When Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created the world, they created a time of year to renew all living things. This is called Spring.
-The trees are blossoming. 
(held up blossoms)
-There are baby animals at the zoo. 
(held up a stuffed polar bear)
-The flowers are starting to sprout.
(held up a sprout)
-New baby birds are singing in the trees.
(held up a nest)
-Butterflies and other bugs are flying around the yard.
(held up a toy bug)
-The grass is getting greener.
(held up grass)
-The rain is falling and watering the earth.
(held up an umbrella)
-And Easter, that reminds me about Jesus' resurrection where he came alive again.
So, spring reminds me that I need to choose the right so I can live with him again. But if I make a mistake I can repent and continue to try my best. I am trying very hard each day to choose the right and follow Jesus' example.

Bingham read that entire talk by himself. I held up the visuals for him so he could concentrate!

Here is the talk Boen gave yesterday:

I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles

I choose to be happy
when I wake up each day.
When I eat my food 
I always choose to pray.

When I play with Bingham 
I try to choose the right.
I know I need to be nice
So, things don't end up in a fight.

When Paisli is near
she wants to be just like me.
I choose to remember 
to act nice and be happy.

My Mom asks for me to help her
when she makes dinner every day.
I like to take a taste 
and do things the right way.

My daddy is so much fun
when we play in our back yard.
I always have a lot of fun
so choosing the right isn't hard

When I lay in my bed
before i fall asleep each night,
I think about my day
did I choose the right.

I know that I am trying
that's all I can do,
Cause Jesus?
I want to be just like you.


Sammy said...

those are soooo sweet! So fun to share them on here so you can remember and have them. so cute! Wish I could be there to hear them in person

Tawnya said...

I found this link on Pinterest, and want to say thank you! My 3 year old gets to speak on "I choose the right by living gospel principles...." and I'm totally using your talk for that topic!

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

Thanks so much for sharing these talk ideas. I found your blog by googling I choose the right by living gospel principles. My daughter has that topic for her talk on Sunday, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to use your idea.

Amber said...

Thanks for the talk idea! My 3 year old is giving a talk tomorrow and I was lost! Thank you thank you!

Jessica said...

Found your site by searching also. I hope you don't mind if I use your ideas. You do a very good job with age appropriate talks!