Monday, May 20, 2013

Paisli in the hospital

Miss Paisli has thrown up since she was a newborn. We had her tested so many different times. The only thing we ever found out was that he liver wasn't functioning properly. She wasn't growing, how can you grow when you throw up at least once a day. She also had some reflux. So, when Paisli got sick the first week of December we were very nervous. She lost weight and got dehydrated very rapidly. I took her to Dr. Clawson knowing exactly what she would tell me, go to the hospital. She needed IV fluid fast! So, off we went.
This was Paisli on the first day of being sick.

Day 2, she was sooo lethargic and couldn't keep anything down.

After she threw up for the umpteenth time, I put her in the tub and had to get a pic of her withering body.

 Once we got to the hospital they hooked her up to fluids and she was so worn out she just slept on me.

She didn't love her iv

She wanted to sleep in the chair with me, not in the hospital bed. It was scary for her.

She was so sweet throughout the entire stay. We stayed just over 24hrs.

We had lots of visitors, one of her favorite, was this massive dog, he was stinky, but i was happy to let him visit if it made her feel better. And it did. She slept with his picture. We also had our family come visit lots and help with the boys at home, so mommy could stay with the Miss. My mom brought gifts and love. My mother-in-law came up a bunch, she works at the hospital so it was nice to have her close by. My sister-in-law to be at the time brought a little gift as well. So nice! My friend Danette came with her family and brought a little gift. Its so nice to have friends and family that support you in tough times.

Here she is working on drinking and keeping it down.

Puffy from all of the fluids, and playing with her snow white that Grammy brought!

day 2 at the hospital she was almost back to normal. Good thing they had toys to play with. Needless to say, we went up and down the halls in this bad boy!

I'm ready to go mama! Wearing my boots and her new panties grandma gave her! Of course she had to wear all 4 pair on top of her pants

One last nap before we head home!

Good bye hospital thanks for making me better!

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