Friday, November 8, 2013

My Grandma Ruby Speechly

The end of Sept was my Grandma's 93rd bday. We were told she had only up to a few months to live. She had an infection that would take her. She chose not to fight it, she was ready to be with Grandpa again. We all felt like she knew what she was doing. Because us until this point she hadn't been ready to pass away and would fight every health battle. I believe Grandpa came to get her. He was preparing her for greater things. Before her bday party we had the opportunity to go the the Bountiful LDS Temple to do some work for family members that had passed on. It was so special and most of my cousin's and their spouses, and most of my Aunts and Uncles were there. I believe it was Grandma's last mission on earth to fulfill before she passed away. I don't want to get into the personal experiences we had in the Temple, but I will share that it is true. The LDS Church is true. Temples are amazing and the work we do in the Temple is beyond this world. The veil is so much thinner than you know. I am so thankful to be sealed to Brody and my children, my parents and siblings, Brody's parents and siblings, on back through the generations. It is such a blessing to me to know that we will be a Family Forever. After we went to the Temple we met up with everyone else and Grandma Ruby at the park for a big bday celebration. It was so fun and special to celebrate her! She looked so beautiful and I will always remember her that day, just sweet as ever. 

We visited her about a week later. She had already begun to go downhill. It was hard to see her like that. She was struggling but of course didn't complain a bit. We ate dinner with her and visited. Bingham Boen and Paisli always loved to visit with her. Little did we know this would be the last time we saw her alive on this earth. I am glad we got to spend this time with her, it will be some good memories to keep with us forever.

One last picture with Grandma Ruby and the kiddos.

Grandma Ruby passed away not too long after that day. My dad had called me earlier in the day telling me she was not doing well. My mom also visited that day. It was hard to hear. I planned on going the next morning, but she didn't make it through the night. She passed before she was in too much pain and I think my Grandpa couldn't wait anymore. It had been three years since he passed away, at 93yrs as well. He came during the night to take her from her earthly home. So many spiritual things happened that night and I am so happy to have the knowledge I do. I love her and can't wait to see her again!

a few days later we had her viewing here in town. This is a picture of some of the siblings my dad is the tall one in the middle. I have a few more pictures that are very personal that I chose not to post on my blog. I will be sending those to the family at a later time.

The funeral was the next day, it was such a beautiful tribute to Grandma. I loved to hear her stories of her life and how she and Grandpa loved eachother so much. They wrote EVERY SINGLE day while he was in the Navy during WWII. The letters are cherished by our family and were so personal to Grandma, but it will be fun to read through each of them. After the family prayer when they close the casket they were taking the casket into the funeral and Paisli said, "Bye Grandma Ruby! Bye Grandma Ruby." She loved her and a few days after we went shopping and an old lady looked similar to Grandma, Paisli kept crying that she wanted to go sit with grandma Ruby and say Hi. I tried to explain, but she didn't understand. It was heart breaking! Bingham cried during the funeral. He is at the age where they know just enough and it was hard on him. We love her and will miss her but made sure to explain how lucky we are to get to see her again!

Here are a few pics of the burial service.

My dad and Uncle Richard

My cousins

Beautiful casket and flowers

The siblings and the spouses.

Grandma's youngest brother, Dee, and my cousin Nate.

Dee is one of two left out of 12 children.

Jeff and Cousin Shaun

My dad taking it all in.

Dad and his couisn

Uncle Craig


My boy cousins. Seriously, 5 boy cousins and 19 girl cousins we sure had a lot of fun growing up, not sure i could say the same for the boys. They were all spread out and surrounded by girls!

Paisli and Brody

Grandma's favorite, pink roses.

Sammy and my mom

and April

Grandma's sister, Delta, the other one of the two siblings of Grandma's remaining.

Love you Grandma Ruby we miss you and love you, 
but know that you are already busy doing work up in Heaven. You were always such an inspiration to me. 
Give Grandpa a hug for me! xxoo

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