Friday, November 8, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

Paisli was so excited to see the princess castle and the princesses, even tho she still felt pretty sick. She is not a quiet child that sits around and pouts. She usually runs around and I can barely keep up with her, but day 1 at Disneyland she was calm and quiet. I felt bad. It was also very very hot. She didn't care she wanted to keep her Princess dress and crown on all day long!!! Such a sweety!

She feels like she is finally home!

The first day Cousin Cheznie, Brighton, and Cohen and Aunt Angie got to join us. So much fun!

Paisli just had to meet Rapunzel and bring her baby Rapunzel.


Bri and Chez wanted to go too. But not the boys!

Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride.

Boen was the best kid both days we went. He never complained and wanted to ride EVERYTHING, especially Tower of Terror!

Daddy on Dumbo with Paisli May

I sat with Chez and Bo

All the kids on the tea cups with Daddy

I was 9wks pregnant and just couldn't even consider going on that ride!

Brody took the kids on this and I couldn't believe I captured the actual moment. We kept waiting to see them, and walla, they came down a few minutes later! And looked like they were gonna die!

We absolutely love Pirates!!! Paisli finally let me change her!

I think we went on pirates like 10 times. It had no line and was air conditioned!

Paisli loved the big pink door at Monsters Inc.

Mr. Cohen and Angie went with us while the older kids went on Tower of Terror!

Outside tower of terror!

Angie and her kiddos!

Cousins at Disney, can't get funner than that!

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