Thursday, March 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
And Santa did come! The next moring the fudge was gone, the milk was gone, and there was one bite of carrot in the fireplace that must have been dropped. Boen found it and was way too excited!

The kids woke up about 7am which is a record for them. We called Grammy and Papa to come down. And Grandma and Grandpa. They all came to watch the wonder of Christmas morning! This year was just so special to me. My kids were at the funnest ages. 7 1/2, 5 1/2, and almost 3! It'll never be the same, but this year was perfect in my eyes!

We had to get some shots of them waiting patiently, which never happens!

Here is Bingham with his Disney Infinity that Santa brought him! He was stoked!

Boen asked for dragons, and well, Santa delivered! Bearded dragons that is! What a joyous surprise!

Paisli got Sofia the first doll, dress, book from Santa and went on to the big gift from mom and dad, her meow meow kitty. She loves that cat!

Paisli posing with Grandma and Grandpa and her new Sofia doll!

Here are the new outfits we bought the kids, down to the shoes and hats! Pretty darling, and yes the boys were pretty much matching!
I was spoiled I got a vintage looking stereo system, it plays records, cds, cassette tapes, mp3, and radio! Also some jewelry and a darling scarf!
I got Brody a belt, wallet, and briefcase all in the leather that he loves! oh and a sweatshirt! The kids got more than they'd ever need and I really tried to cut back this year. They were so sweet tho!
After Christmas morning, we went to Brunch and Debbie's. it was delish. The missionaries were there and did some entertaining for us and it was so nice! After that amazing brunch we went to my parents, Grammy and Papa's.

Grammy gave the girls all a homemade doll house they were sooooo amazing!

Paisli's is a ballet place with the dogs cats pigs etc. taking ballet, all made by hand! Papa was in heaven with all these kids (girls to snuggle).

Violet and Paisli playing side by side!

We went home and relaxed, after about and hr, Paisli started throwing up which lasted most the night and through the next day she was so sick. I joined her about midnight throwing down and up. Not fun when you're preggers! Mine lasted for about 3 days tho. I took this picture a few days after Christmas. She is sporting her new Sofia dress and jewelry!

Just so loverly!

Here is Boen showing off what Grammy and Papa gave him! spoiled!
This boy got sick for about 24hrs two days after Christmas.

And Bingham got an Infinity guy for his new Wii game! From Grammy and Papa
Bingham also got sick one day after Christmas. Not a fun time for us! Brody managed to stay healthy and care for us. 

The kids stayed in pjs for a few days while I stayed in bed and couldn't move, needless to say my house was the biggest disaster you have ever seen when I finally came down stairs! But look how much fun they had! The boys had built their new Lego boats that we got them!

Such a fun Christmas! Next year will be fun too with a new brother!!! Can't wait!

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