Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back in January... the boys had some work done on our teeth!

I took the boys to the Dentist, Uncle Brett. Bingham had what looked like an absess. We got him in that day and found out it was a tooth trying to grow in that was infecting the gums because the tooth below was Bingham's double or fused tooth. (two teeth fused together) One side was ready to fall out, but the other still had its full root system. So, Uncle Brett pulled it out. Bingham didn't even realize, Brett is that good! The next part was worse, he sent us to my Uncle Greg to have some other work done. 

Bingham getting ready to have some more teeth pulled to make room for his permanent teeth. There was an extra tooth that was just hanging out in his gums, causing all kinds of problems. It was sideways as you can see below. Uncle Greg is an Oral surgeon. He had to go up inside his gums and dig it out! Yuck and ow!

Bingham's shark teeth!

Bingham after the surgery. He was sad and in a bit of pain, but mostly I think it was the drugs causing the grief! He healed up so nicely and was better within hours!

Thanks Uncle Brett and Uncle Greg!

Boen also went to Uncle Brett's office for a check up and we found out he had a cavity. His wasn't for lack of brushing, it was due to how his teeth were formed, or something like that!

Getting the work done!

All done and no pain!

After he got to pick a treasure and this is what he got! See, no pain!

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Eunice Greer said...

Taking quick action against that teeth problem is a surefire way of an earlier avoidance of a bigger oral problem. I'm sure Bingham went through a lot for that procedure to come out successful, and I'm sure it stressed you seeing him that way as well. Anyway, battling away Boen's cavity issue was a wise move as well. Now, you needn't worry because your boys have more healthier sets of teeth. Kudos to your little troopers! :)

Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental