Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Occupational Therapy

We have been taking Bingham to an Occupational Therapist named Tera, she is helping him learn how to crawl. Because of the bad labor he has Klemke's this is where his arm has some weakness in it! He is a trooper. It is so much easier for him to just sit and/or walk than it is to crawl, we are working on strengthening his arm. I feel really bad for him, he is advanced in every other area, but when it comes to crawling you have to use a lot of arm strength. He has improved so much and does crawl about 4-5 times, which is a great improvement! I have to take him weekly until he crawls all the time by himself! This morning we spent an hour working this Tera, she is so nice and fun with Bing he loves her! We are so grateful to the good Doctors and such out there! His heart has really stepped up and has overcome the trial of not having a left carotid artery. He also has Horner Syndrome that his hardly noticeable anymore! Just a word of warning to all you ladies, we know personally of 4 other deliveries with our OB that have turned out horribly also(and those are only people we know)! If you go to a Julia Johannson you might want to talk to me about the delivery, if you do not already know the whole story! Any how things are good with Bingham as of now and I am finally feeling great! Just 9 months later!!!

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Carlee said...

Hey! This is Carlee...remember me? I just found your blogs from Steph's blog and have now read it all. :) It sounds like you had a terrible delivery. What happened? I have a friend who goes to Julia Johannsen. What happened to make your delivery so bad?