Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bingham's Heart

We took Bingham to the Dr. yesterday for his nine month checkup. He is crawling and doing perfectly, except for one thing! He has a very loud heart murmur, so now we have to take him back to the hospital to get an echo. The reason they are worried about it is because of his missing carotid artery. He is such a sweety, and you'd never know anything was wrong, but I just worry about him so much! We just bought a house last week, and we'll be moving in in a couple of weeks, thats all we need! But we will do whatever it takes to make our boy perfect! We are excited about he new home! It is perfect for us, Bingham will have a large fenced in yard to explore in and a large family room to play in! I will post pictures of it now and after we fix it up! Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts!


The Maw Family said...

We love Beanie as Hudson calls him, we will pray. He is the cutest.

TheReadFam said...

Hope everything goes well. Keep us updated. We will keep you in our prayers. Nothing is worse than worrying about your baby.

Where are you moving? I thought you were in a house now.