Monday, April 16, 2007

New Puppy?

Well, the people we are buying our home from wanted to know if we want a puppy! I really do only because it is a golden retriever, and a very light one ! Well, their dog had 10 puppies, they'd give us first dibs and we'd let them stay in the house until we get back from our cruise on the 13th of May, we weren't even moving in until after then anyway because Brody gets out of school the day before we leave! Brody is the one who wants a dog usually, but I am the one who wants one now! He thinks it is too much resposibility, but I'm the one who is home all of the time and the one who would take care of it (except for poop scoopin) I don't think I could do that! But I'd give it a try! At the new home there is a brand new dog run and a large fenced yard! Plus Bingham loves dogs!!! So, what do you think?


TheReadFam said...

YEAH! Take the pup! But read my pet horror stories first.

No, j/k, you can't go wrong with puppies. I want one so bad too! But i'll have to wait till this belly is gone. I can barely do anything right now, I don't need to add a puppy on top. But I still want one.

The Maw Family said...

I don't know. I like dogs too, but then not so much. You do have to take care of it, don't let it in your house though, yuk. It is a lot of responsibility. You do have to walk it often and play with it. I think it would be fun too, but they do ruin your yard. So maybe I'm no the best person to talk about that too, I don't think I really like dogs and especially cats. Would you get a cat? Aren't you allergic to dogs? Just don't let it in you house. YUK

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes and yes!!! you should definitely get a puppy! that way if i ever move in with you guys, wink wink, then he'll be part mine! in a way! I love puppies!