Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gingerbread House!

This is what we did this week. Bingham loved to make the gingerbread house especially since he got to eat the candy! Aren't we talented? And I had to throw in his pimp picture. He looked so cute that i had to put it on this blog!


erik&sammy said...

Cute! i want to make one! Was it just the packaged one? I'm sure thats what we'll do, to much work otherwise.

Becky said...

How fun! We are going to make gingerbread houses next week, I'm excited. And by the way- when I am pregnant I can't stand to cook dinner either! Hope you are feeling okay!

TheReadFam said...

CONGRATS on the baby! that is awesome, they are so fun, i love my little cuddle bug.

Hey, is your mantle blue? it looks so awesome. how did you do it and can you post some better pics and more of your house, i want to see all the cute stuff you have, you decorate so good, i wish you could do my house