Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa,"Now what do you want Bingham?"

Bingham,"Candy? Momma doesn't let me have candy. Is this for Dadda?"

Bingham,"I want my momma!"

Bingham,"I want you to put me down!!!"

Bingham wasn't too sure about Santa this year. I thought he'd love him, he has a Santa toy and has even learned that Santa says, "ho ho ho." Well It's okay. My mom put him up on stage and pushed him toward Santa and Bingham froze. I had to climb up on stage and set him on Santa's lap. Bing almost cried them he gave him candy and that really confused him. But lucky for Brody, Bing doesn't eat candy!!! Well at least not hard candy and anything with nuts!!! It was funny I couldn't believe how long Santa tried to get Bing to smile. He must have been the real Santa!


April said...

Thats sad he didn't like Santa. Oh well. I bet he is the real one. Little QT.
Oh and on my blog, that wrong spelling, my bad.

Becky said...

That is cute. I think most kids are afraid of Santa. When I took Ian, he sat on his lap fine but wouldn't say a word. Santa finally said "I bet you want toys and cars for Christmas" and Ian just got a huge smile on his face. Bingham will love it next year!